EILA' - 16 lights


Weight: 25-50 kg / 55-110 lbs
16 Lights E14 (E12) Max 40 W 230V (120V)

Tear Sheet

Full Collection Eila' Tear Sheet

Designed by Pierpaolo Seguso, this chandelier evokes an organic form, a reminder of the the strength of the tree and harmony of its leafy branches that open outward. Created with twisted, brown crystal glass, the blown glass arms are deliberately irregular and textural. Seeming to draw space into its wide canopy. The innovative element of this chandelier, now available in a special version with 30 lights on 5 levels, is of blown glass combined with the metal to cover the disk from where the arms originate. The surface is machined to obtain a rust effect - a detail that also emphasizes the strong influence of nature. The collection also includes a version with 15 and 10 arms.