The splendor and the myth of the Venetian palaces are transferred into the most innovative collection of lighting, furniture and architectural elements. The division is dedicated to the decoration and lighting of interiors projects, in a continuous challenge to go beyond the boundaries of production capabilities. Architects and Interior Designers find in Seguso Interiors a reality in which each project is conceived as a tailored suit.


Unique objects, evoking a timeless style through the exploration of historical archives from the Seguso family. Forms of resolute elegance were explored to give a new life to the most classic of Murano glass items.
Sommerso, Coste, and Ritorti are a few of the ancient techniques rigorously hand made, the result of extraordinary skills by the Seguso glass masters.


Elaborate techniques and unique color combinations, an abacus of glass forms wearing different and fashionable dresses. The tradition of Murano glass evolves to express the modernity of our time, inspired by a world of reference of nature and emotions. Art, research, exclusivity makes every Seguso Viro object a limited edition piece of art. Each collection is numbered and limited to 101 pieces each.


With innovative techniques, vibrant colors, light effects and organic shapes, Cenedese’s design beautifully complement the Seguso collections.
Fresh, trendy and alluring objects such as vases, bowls, assorted bottles, drinkware and accessories add a touch of unique beauty to contemporary lifestyle. Different in character, technique and color, they all proclaim the infinite possibilites of Murano glass and manufacturing excellence. Cenedese is owned by the Seguso company.


Founded in 1946 by Gino Cenedese, a famed Muranese manufacturer who worked with many artists and designers around the world. From the 1950’s Gino Cenedese worked with artists such as Riccardo Licata, Fulvio Bianconi, Naploeone Martinuzzi, Luigi Scarpa Croce and Antonio Da Ros. This brand is now part of the Seguso group.