I am writing this on behalf of my son as he can't be bothered to write this as a teenager. He was on a high school graduation trip with two friends and I arranged the visit to Seguso with Seguso on 24 hours notice by phone from abroad. That is very short notice for a tour. Let me recount what my son and his friends tole me: They called me within a minute of the tour having finished to tell me that the Seguso experience was the highlite of their Venice visit and of their summer trip through Europe! They were shown by masters how glass is blown, told about the history of the art in Venice, Seguso history and were explained what it takes to become a master and artisan. They were simply blown away by watching the masters and the exhibits. Keep in mind these are three 18 year old boys for whom a cultural experience of this nature is not exactly high on the agenda had it not been for me to cajole them into the visit. They talked non-stop for 5 minutes about the experience on the phone. They told me that the hospitality by Ms. Lucia Marcolin was beyond anything they had expected on such a visit. They were taken care of and chaperoned. Given that three 18 year olds were so taken by the experience I can only say that visiting Venice without visiting Seguso is missing out on a significant part of what makes Venice a cultural experience. I can say it for my part as well, having done it myself on virtually every occasion I have been to Venice. Honour this company and these incredible artisans with a visit. You will never forget it. And a huge thank you to Ms Marcolin
- A Client , 18 febbraio 2016 - Weningen, Germania

Thank you so much for the congratulations; it was a lovely wedding only possible in Italy. We did use the  song of the Seguso Expereince for the groom's entrance, and it was the perfect fit. We're very happy that it could be part of the wedding and now part of our lives - along with the beautiful piece of Seguso art that arrived a few days ago! We are so glad that we stopped in to your showroom while in Venice, and we can't wait until we have the chance to visit again.    Best regards,

- Zach and Dana , Washington - 25 Settembre 2015

In una calda serata di luglio ho avuto modo di vivere, con mio marito e il mio piccolo di 5 anni, un viaggio incantato nella nostra migliore tradizione artigianale. Per me, che per lavoro mi occupo di arredamento e design, è stata un’occasione straordinaria per conoscere dal vivo il pregio della produzione degli splendidi manufatti Seguso. La visita alla fabbrica, guidata proprio dai fratelli Seguso, consente di assistere alla creazione dei prodotti e di conoscere la storia della loro famiglia che, con passione e lungimiranza, ha custodito e tramandato nei secoli questa straordinaria capacità manifatturiera. Bevendo un drink, davanti all'incanto del mare lagunare, mi sono sentita orogliosa di appartenere ad un paese che, ancora, è in grado di creare tanta bellezza. Anche mio marito e mio figlio sono tornati a casa arricchiti da questa esperienza davvero unica. Il mio piccolo, con indosso il caschetto bianco di sicurezza, si guardava intorno con gli occhioni spalancati e forse, per una sera, si è sentito un pò "maestro vetraio". Ringrazio ancora la famiglia Seguso per l’impeccabile organizzazione e per la squisita cortesia con cui ci hanno accolto e fatto sentire a "casa". Da consigliare, assolutamente, per conoscere e apprezzare la Venezia più autentica.

- Alessandra Barbetta , Milano - 15 settembre 2015

Glass artists in the Seguso furnace room took the time to show us how they rolled molten glass in gold leaf, blew it and shaped it into a chandelier part. They were incredibly welcoming and generous with their time! My husband and I enjoyed a nearly two hour private tour at Seguso, learning the 700 year history of the company, seeing remarkable art glass, even meeting the charming Seguso son who is director of the place! Our guide could not have been more gracious, answering my many questions. There was no pressure to buy. And when I did pick a treasure to bring home, they did all the paperwork to get my tax refund. A memorable day! Arranged when we visited the Seguso store in Murano.

- Carolyn Streitfeld , Dallas - 15 settembre 2015

We loved our tour of the Seguso Factory. It was private and we had the exclusive attention of our tour representative. We were taken through the rich history of the Seguso family and their art of glass making. Everyone we met was very kind and inclusive. We were able to go into the furnace and witness the master glass blowers working first hand at their art. We highly recommend this tour! It was one of the best experiences we had in Venice!

- Marina & Nick Jaworsky , Chicago - 14 settembre 2015

Out of ten days spent vacationing throughout northern Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice) our morning spent at the Seguso Experience was one of the highlights. A water taxi picked us up in front of our hotel and took us on a wonderful ride directly to their front door. We were greeted warmly and led on a wonderful private tour of the furnace that included the family history, an amazing demonstration of their glass-making skill (including a chance for us to try as well), and a leisurely walk through the showroom. Our visit was during the very hot month of August when many of the locals are on vacation themselves, but they still accommodated our request for a tour. It may be difficult to capture hundreds of years of their legacy on Murano, but they do an exceptional job of it. If you have a chance to visit Murano, skip the touristy, high-pressure shops elsewhere and spend some time watching the masters at work.

- Adam Jakubiak , Farmland - 14 settembre 2015

The Seguso Experience was the highlight of our time in Venice. I have always wanted to visit a Murano glassmaker and am so very happy that we went to the best--Seguso. The factory tour itself was amazing and extremely eye-opening, as you can actually see the beautiful art pieces being made. However, what made this experience incomparable and truly unforgettable is the warmth and hospitality of the Seguso family. I couldn't believe that the CEO himself--a 23rd generation Seguso--took so much time with us to share the family story, their passion and the responsibility they feel to carry on the tradition in a sustainable way. His passion and love for his craft were contagious! The entire staff went so far above and beyond to make the experience unforgettable for us. We left truly feeling like part of the family, which is an incredible and very rare feeling. I can't recommend this enough!

- Elana Rakitin , Chicago - 9 settembre 2015

Extremely welcoming and professional, the Seguso Experience is absolutely something you cannot miss if you travel to Venice. We scheduled the tours in the factory at the Seguso store in Murano. Since the first minutes spent at the factory you can feel and see all the good things that made them so unique for over 600 years! The glass history museum was very informative and well presented; but the best part was in the factory itself, where two glass masters were working and showed us about the amazing art form. It was interactive and my daughter had the opportunity to blow and create few glass balloons of her own! The glass artifacts exhibited in the factory reflected the passion of this family. An unique and priceless experience!!

- Donatella Bordignon , New York NY - 29 agosto 2015

We heard about the Seguso family on TV and we wanted to see if we could get a tour while visiting Venice and Murano from Los Angeles, CA. My wife and I were impressed with the welcome we received in the store in Murano and was immediately scheduled for a tour of their factory. Once did our 10-15 minute walk to the factory, Lucia was very welcoming and expressed all the good things about Seguso and what made them so unique for 600 years. They offered us drinks when we got in and went out of their way to make us comfortable throughout the very informative tour. They even made sure there were a couple of artists working (blowing/shaping glass) even though it was the time of the year when most take off for vacation. They exceeded all our expectations allowing us to blow our own glass and explaining every detail. There was no pressure to buy any of their products and even gave us a glass seal of Seguso at the end. With this exceptional hospitality (for just two people), we will definitely consider buying their products in the future.

- Stacy and Clarence Eder , Redondo Beach California, USA - 25 agosto 2015

Zufällig konnten wir am Tag des Besuches von Murano ein appointment bei der Firma Seguso bekommen mit Darstellung der Glasbläserei in Murano im allgemeinen und im speziellen der Firma Seguso. Bei einer erstklassigen Führung wurde uns die Geschichte des seit 23 Generationen (200 Jahre vor Kolumbus !) existierenden Unternehmens nahegebracht mit Exponaten, Besuch der Werkstatt, Showroom. Die Freundlichkeit und der Wunsch, die Firmenphilosophie nahezubringen waren in jeder Hinsicht positiv beeindruckend, der Besuch war eines der wirklichen Highlights unseres einwöchigen Aufenthaltes in Venedig. Auch auf diesem Wege nochmals herzlichen Dank für unvergessliche Impressionen. Selbst die 13- und 15- jährigen pubertierenden Jungs waren der Aussagekraft der Produkte und der Darstellung der Firmentradition erlegen.

- Jost Schnell , Koeln - 24 agosto 2015

We visited Seguso on the last day of our trip to Venice and we would highly recommend anyone in Murano to visit it. The people are so friendly, kind, passionate and knowledgeable and our tour guide was able to answer any questions we had. We were taught about the history of the Seguso family too. We visited in August when we were told that the workshop is usually closed (due to the hot summer), however it was open to us for demonstration purposes. It was amazing to watch the glass masters working and learn more about the art form. The experience was slightly pricey but definitely worth a visit! The whole family really enjoyed it.

- David Arnold Raj , UK - 22 agosto 2015

L'experience di Seguso è un momento magico. La capacità dei maestri veneziani di saper raccontare la storia e il fascino del vetro è un'arte che difficilmente può essere emulata o trovata altrove. Il prestigio del marchio viene decantato e totalmente giustificato non appena ci si trova all'interno della fornace e si assiste alla creazione di meraviglie uniche nel proprio genere. Ciò che rende Seguso la vetreria d'eccellenza nella cornice dell'isola di Murano è l'amore che la famiglia Seguso ha trasmesso non sono all'interno del proprio nucleo, ma a tutti i maestri e i partecipanti a quest'incredibile esperienza. Lo spettatore si sente complice ed in parte artefice dell'energia sprigionata da questa declinazione dell'arte e si fonde con il fuoco stesso per dar vita ad una stupefacente e fragile idea di vetro. Un fascino che solo Venezia può regalare al mondo.

- Ali Pisano , Londra, Regno Unito - 21 agosto 2015

La visita guidata – strettamente su prenotazione – alla fornace Seguso, storica famiglia di vetrai di Murano, risalente al 1397, è stata una delle esperienza più belle ed uniche che abbiamo vissuto a Murano e Venezia! La prima cosa che va sottolineata è l’accoglienza che ci è stata riservata: mia moglie ed io siamo stati accolti da GianAndrea Seguso ed è stato lui a farci da guida! La visita è iniziata con una accurata ed affascinante racconto della storia del vetro, dell’arte del vetro di Murano e della famiglia Seguso. In seguito, abbiamo prima assistito all’abile creazione di uno splendido vaso, da parte di un maestro vetraio, e poi, al termine di tale dimostrazione, abbiamo avuto anche modo di soffiare il vetro: una esperienza indimenticabile! La visita si è poi conclusa percorrendo il loro showroom con moltissime stupende opere Seguso, dove, volendo, uno può anche effettuare degli acquisti. Se siete a Venezia e, soprattutto, se siete a Murano, non potete non vivere questa esperienza autentica, unica ed indimenticabile!

- Paolo Donati , Milano - 21 agosto 2015
Un posto da visitare assolutamente e una piacevole accoglienza da parte dei grandissimi artisti! Vetro artistico da vedere ed acquistare assolutamente! Grazie allo staff!
- Fabiana Toffano , Venezia - 20 agosto 2015

My friends and I visited the Seguso Glass Factory on Morano island during our trip to Venice. The experience of learning about Venetian glass was truly outstanding! We had a private tour of the factory with Lucia who was kind enough to show us around. We met two of the experts working in the factory and were totally blown away by the skill and the precision with which they work. They even let us blow and create a few glass balloons of our own! The glass artifacts exhibited in the factory reflected the true belief and passion of the proprietors. An experience to cherish no doubt!

- Prianka Kantak , India - 19 agosto 2015

It was truly and incredible experience and Team Segvso has taken the art of glass making to a different level. I would highly recommend this to everyone visiting Venice.

- Ameet Kakode , India - 16 agosto 2015

It was truly breathtaking watching the glass masters at work and walking around the Seguso site. The people at Seguso have such a passion for their work and it really came through in the way they presented their works and facilities, notwithstanding how friendly and accommodating they were, even when we booked on short notice. Learning about Venetian glass gives one an appreciation for the skill involved and it has such a rich history that any visit to Venice would be incomplete without a visit!

- Nicolas Weninger , Austria - 10 agosto 2015

To enjoy this experience you need to pre book. This is an educational, hands on tour that lasts about one and a half hours and is located a short walk from the Museo water bus stop. Caterina was a guide and she was excellent. Both my wife and I were moved by the passion of the tour and the finish products will grace any home. The Four Seasons hotels, Elton John and Lady Diana are just a few of their clients. If you are a collector, enthusiast or just want to be educated then we would recommend this tour.

- Paul Harris , UK - 4 agosto 2015

The Seguso experience è l'occasione perfetta per immergersi nelle atmosfere magiche e fiabesche della lavorazione del vetro, oltre che un tuffo nella storia della famiglia Seguso, che rappresenta da secoli l'eccellenza dell'arte vetraria e della creatività... Una famiglia che apre la propria 'casa' magnificamente agli ospiti e li accompagna lungo un bellissimo percorso alla scoperta dei segreti del vetro, tra arte, creatività e finissimo artigianato

- Cinzia Fassetta , Venezia - 3 agosto 2015

We would like to thank the company for giving us such a wonderful experience during the factory visit. Though it was a short trip due to our packed itinenary, we were glad we make it to visit the factory. We ordered some items & received our Murano glass order plus a nice complimentary bowl which was shipped to us promptly. Thank you Seguso for such generosity & making our trip a memorable one.

- James Chua , Malesia - 30 luglio 2015
L'unione fra una tradizione artigianale nata secoli fa e il talento ha conferito nuova espressività a un materiale magico. E' stata una serata fantastica che ci ha permesso di sentirci parte di un mondo fatto di eleganza, attualità ma anche di storia e tradizione..
- Giorgia , Milano - 26 luglio 2015
Se cercate l'esperienza di una vera performance d'arte contemporanea, trovate il modo di introfularvi ad una delle serate "Seguso experience". Non é un evento accessibile a tutti, ma se venite introdotti, la famiglia Seguso, una delle piú antiche nella storia vetraria muranese saprá accogliervi in modo indimenticabile.
- Martina , Padova - 25 luglio 2015
I can only reiterate what has been written by previous reviewers. The tour of theSeguso factory led by Caterina was exceptional. It was clear by meeting both Giampaolo and Gianluca Seguso that they have a passion for their work. My wife was in tears as she saw the blob of glass turned into something magical. My wife wanted to visit Seguso as she purchased a piece of their work many years ago and she was not disappointed to see where it was made. Thanks for your time, it was a privilege for us to experience your factory.
- John Berry , UK - 1 giugno 2015
We have taken with us such wonderful memories of our warm and generous welcome at Seguso and feel inspired; not only by the creativity, craftsmanship and beauty of the work but also by the ethos and passion of the company. We feel privileged that both Giampaolo and Gianluca Seguso spent time with us and that we were given the opportunity to try our hand at blowing glass. Our guide Caterina was exceptional; it was a truly amazing experience.
- Sara Berry , UK - 31 maggio 2015
A Murano, l'isola del vetro nella Laguna di Venezia. Si, è un'esperienza, una bella emozione, un percorso storico, una famiglia antichissima che può raccontarsi ancora oggi. Vetro come arte, arte intima, arte da vivere nella manualità dei maestri vetrai che regalano gestualità tramandate nei secoli. Seguso Experience è un qualcosa che ti entra nell'intimo. Forse, io veneziano, l'ho vissuta con l'orgoglio di chi è nato in laguna, in un mondo pregno di storia ma penso che anche per il "non veneziano" questa esperienza potrà rimanere tra ricordi più piacevoli e originali a seguito di una visita alla città di Venezia.
- Marco Berti , Venezia - marzo 2015
Our Seguso experience was expertly lead by Catarina who gave us the history of this long dynastic company and lead us through the magic of the truly artisanal process of the glass making. We witnessed 4 craftsmen produce the most exquisite glass in an inspiring (chandelier draped) furnace. It was beautiful to watch and the pieces at the end of the tour were seriously beautiful. We were lucky enough to meet the current patriarch/designer who was charming and welcoming. The whole experience was really wonderful and extremely personal both for us and for the company themselves as they share their passion.
You must check out the guest bathroom!
- Diane Hubbard , Australia - 24 marzo 2015
The magic of glass making

The tour this january 2015 made possible by the 23rd generation of glass making was a heartfelt experience. You really can feel this over 900 years tradition of Murano combined with the state of the art of modern art in glass making. The tour started with a helpful introduction to the tradition, followed by a visit of the heart of the production, where we were able to make an unforgettable experience by blowing our own small piece of incredible thin glass. Going through the wonderful exposition, we realized what magic lies in this different techniques of a wide variety of implementation. There is no doubt why the Seguso family is a world leader in making glass art. Thank you very much for making this tour possible.
- Matthias & Jonas , 5 febbraio 2015
Our family left the Seguso Murano glass factory in tears. Tears of absolute joy at witnessing a family legacy of passion in their chosen craft. 23 generations of Seguso have used their ancient and timeless ways of making glass as a work of art. Everyone we met on our journey made sure we could feel the passion they have for their art. If you would like to see true Italian artistry by Master glass creators, this is for you. We were fortunate enough to meet Papa, who we feel in love with, and the son who both opened their hearts to us and told us about their passion and responsibility to carry on the work of their forefathers and continue to innovate and build new traditions. Thank you for a day we will never forget. :)
- Heidi Golledge , Laguna Beach California USA - luglio 2014
Il 18/7/2014 con la famiglia ho partecipato ad una visita guidata serale presso la fabbrica Seguso.
E' stata un'esperienza indimenticabile. 
Sono stato contento di aver portato con me i bambini che sono stati favorevolmente impressionati dalla visita. 
Ora la fabbrica si trova presso un ex convento ed ha un grande fascino.
La brava guida Mario ci ha illustrato la storia della famiglia Seguso lungo un percorso ben articolato e ci ha condotto fino alla fabbrica ove i maestri vetrai ci hanno incantato con la loro arte. Alla fine della visita abbiamo potuto ammirare lo show room, vero e proprio museo dell'arte muranese messa purtroppo a repentaglio dalla recente crisi e che riesce a sopravvivere solo grazie a questi imprenditori capaci ed innovatori. 
Un grazie particolare a Francesco che ci ha invitato alla visita.
- Angelo , Padova - luglio 2014
È spettacolare vedere nascere le opere d'arte che vengono realizzate dai maestri. Inoltre, capire molti aspetti di questo lavoro grazie alla spiegazione fornita delle guide, ti rende partecipe di quello che vedi e ti succede intorno. Un'esperienza a 360 gradi.
- Leonardo , La spezia - 12 aprile 2014
E' un vero viaggio nel tempo e nelle emozioni di un lavoro artigianale che esiste davvero.
La magia del fuoco e la trepidazione nel vedere un oggetto nascere dal nulla sono impagabili.
Consiglio a tutti di vivere questa experience.
- Francesco , Venezia - dicembre 2013
È stato straordinario vedere i maestri, anzi MAESTRI, dare vita a un'opera d'arte come quelle che si trovano solo a Murano. Ringrazio la guida (preparatissima) per il bellissimo percorso che ci ha fatto fare.
- Giuseppe , Bonorva - giugno 2013
Colori, suoni, poesie. La visita alla fonderia Seguso a Murano durante una serata experience, tra i calori dei forni, la bravura dei maestri vetrai e la guida dei ciceroni Gianluca e Pierpaolo Seguso si è rilevata particolarmente carica di emozioni. Non vedo l'ora di tornare e portare amici amanti dell'arte.
- Alberto , Verona - 6 marzo 2013