Gianluca’ s aim, since day one, has been to make possible the expansion and international development of Seguso, all the while upholding the values that have remained so dear to his family for centuries, since Seguso’s inception. Gianluca began working with the family at the age of 20. He spent his first four years working in each department of the factory. He then moved to New York where he lived for nine years and opened a flagship New York showroom and office.
Under Gianluca’s leadership, Seguso has been able to reach beyond the homes of the great and the good in Venice, and can now be found in the finest residences, museums, art galleries and private collections around the world. His global outlook has elevated the Seguso name and positioned it firmly on the world map. To make this possible, in 2006 and 2007, Gianluca dedicated himself to the reorganization and restructuring of Seguso’s production capabilities.
With a keen understanding of business, Gianluca’s ability to improve the efficiency and output of the company has proven invaluable to its ability to grow and develop. In 2009 he completed the reacquisition of the historical brand Seguso Vetri D’Arte, and brought it back into the family fold after more than 30 years. His leadership of the business has been visionary and progressive, enabling Seguso to transition smoothly into the future. His attention to ethics and his innate respect of origin and tradition, mean that he has never lost sight of its past.

Pierpaolo, with an innate artistic sensibility, has truly followed in his family’s footsteps. He has developed an exceptional talent for glassblowing that has seen him make his own unique and brilliant contribution to the Seguso family name.
Pierpaolo studied at the School of Art in Venice and completed an architecture degree at the University of Venice. Pierpaolo’s technical understanding of art glass knows no bounds. He joined the family business at age of 19 and soon became the Creative Director of the company, a testament to his passion, creativity and talent. Working initially with artistic glass, Pierpaolo imbued his creations with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic that has been celebrated and remained a part of Seguso’s identity ever since. In more recent years, Pierpaolo’s artistic flair has drawn him into collaborations with multiple international luxury brands: Donghia, Fendi, Frette, Mikimoto, and Swarovski. Alongside glassblowing, he has also overseen the project of the company’s corporate image creating a space dedicated to the development of other collaborative projects.