Artwork Awards Events Special guest May 2, 2016 | 0 Comment

Seguso Vetri d’Arte delivers to Jeffrey Tate, one of the greatest orchestra conductors of our time, the work “Luce e Suono” on the occasion of the award “Una Vita nella Musica 2016”

At the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the great conductor, Jeffrey Tate received the prize “Una Vita nella Musica 2016”, an initiative founded in 1979 by Bruno Tosi to celebrate the most illustrious personalities of the international music scene (tra gli altri è stato conferito a Arthur Rubinstein, Zubin Metha, Salvatore Accardo, Daniel Barenboim…). Mr. Tate is pictured with Gianluca Seguso presenting the award, a precious Murano glass vase, created by Giampaolo Seguso for Seguso Vetri d’Arte. Fine canne workmanhsip on the surface of “Luce e Suono,” (Light and Sound) render an elegant symphony and like the music becomes a universal symbol of harmony.

“I am touched to receive this award here at La Fenice, a theater where I lived unforgettable moments, in a city that I adore and I feel me” explained the maestro Tate. Thanking Gianluca Seguso for the precious work he also said he felt “particularly close” to glass and to the art because, “when I direct my hands shape, just like in the furnace when the artist forges matter. So we share the excitement of giving life to beauty.”

“The focus of our activities is the desire to spread the culture of beauty,” said Gianluca Seguso, “therefore it is an honor for me to deliver the award to Jeffrey Tate, who with extraordinary intensity makes all of us share in the enchantment of the music.”