Weight: 25 - 50 kg / 55 - 110 lbs

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Mirrors are made with clear gold and colored glass, sometimes with engraved decorations and beveled details.
Inevitable in any style home, the mirror today relives a starring role. MARAVEGIE, like all mirrors of the Seguso Vetri d’Arte collection, receives its name from the famous Venetian bridges and the suggestion created by one’s face in the Venetian canals. The geometry of the frame, circular in shape, is made irregular due to a game of overlapping and is embellished with small slices in a fan shape that add a touch of charm. Each element is made of antiqued mirror in different shades, finished in gray-black tones or amber-bronze and expertly worked in a modern reworking of the classic incision techniques. The result is a highly suggestive composition that reflects a bright glare, as if to create a beautiful multiplying effect.