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La Nave di Teseo, the publishing house founded by Elisabetta Sgarbi, has chosen the SegusoVetri d’Arte furnace to host the presentation of “Una di Luna”, the latest novel by the famous italian writer Andrea De Carlo, set in Venice.

The presentation was transformed into an exclusive surprise party dedicated to the author, who with this book marks the return to La Nave di Teseo. Around him, together with the top management of the publishing house, the editorial director Elisabetta Sgarbi and the president Mario Andreose, gathered the journalists of the most important Italian newspapers and magazines.

Accompanied by the Seguso family members, guests visited the furnace and witnessed the transformation of the incandescent bolus into light and precious glass, the result of Seguso Vetri d’Arte ancient wisdom.

Writing – De Carlo pointed out, while he was observing the Seguso Vetri d’Arte masters blowing and creating art, foresees the same steps: “to start from a warm idea, to handle it with care, to try to give it shape. Writing a novel is a work of craftsmanship”.

With the complicity of the magic of the furnace, the conversation on the book was interwoven with the storytelling of Gianluca Seguso, who guided the guests to discover the history of the Seguso family and the steps that glass takes to become a work of art. The visit was followed by a press conference that unveiled the plot of the new novel, the story of the difficult relationship between a father and a daughter who share the love of cooking, and a vibrant moment of dialogue between Elisabetta Sgarbi, Andrea De Carlo and Gianluca Seguso.

In memory of the evening, Seguso Vetri d’Arte created a medallion in Murano glass that has been gifted to all the guests. On the its surface is the title of the novel and the illustration of the cover, also the result of the multifaceted creativity of De Carlo, declined in the shades of the Venice lagoon evoked by the author. The Seguso family reserved one last surprise for the author: a Murano glass book, engraved with the title of his novel, a unique example created to seal the exceptionality of an evening capable of bringing together literature and glass art.

“Elisabetta had promised me a magic – underlined De Carlo – This evening exceeds all my expectations”.