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A night of beauty and emotions, a great cultural event that captured over 4.98 million spectators on Rai1, the main television channel of Italy’s national public service, introducing them to the magic atmosphere of the Seguso Vetri d’Arte furnace.

“Stanotte a Venezia” (Tonight in Venice), is a journey through a Venice suspended in time, into a city overflowing with treasures and rich in  tradition. The prime-time TV program was conducted by anchorperson Alberto Angela, highly respected by the Italian public.

Angela guides the viewers into the Seguso Vetri d’Arte furnace moving the audience to really experience the unique beauty of Murano glass art and the passion that makes Venice so unique.,. “Because here – he explains – for over six centuries, the Seguso mastership in creating glass with soul and hands is combined with creativity, craftsmanship and, especially, emotion”.

The filming begins in the garden of the furnace where, thanks to the complicity of the darkness, the Canneto installation in Murano blown glass is revealed in all its transparent beauty. From here, Angela then joins the Seguso family in the furnace, to describe how the path of Murano glass has remained unchanged, though always dynamic, through the centuries and introducing the audience to the Seguso’s mastership “a family of creators and skilled glassmasters, summing up in each gesture a knowledge handed down from generation to generation”.

“Stanotte a Venezia” was shot at night, to reveal Venice in all its beauty and its silence through the most beautiful and emotional places, from San Marco Square to La Fenice Theatre, from Palazzo Ducale to the Scuola Grande di San Rocco…

The program recorded a share of 25%, dominating prime time television, while on social networks it was a “trending topic” throughout the evening.

You can follow the filming in the Seguso furnace (starting from1:09:15 to 1:15:24) at: