Artwork Events May 18, 2017 | 0 Comment

The glass poet Giampaolo Seguso presents “The Song of Glass”, an installation comprising of a sasso (Italian Stone) sculpture projected with dramatic imagery inspired by his hometown, Venice. Exhibited at the Chrysler Museum of Art, the stationary hot-sculpted glass sculpture exudes a hypnotic rhythm against the backdrop of movement from the projected video envisioned by Franco Dragone.

Traditional glass techniques are juxtaposed against cutting-edge video technology in order to bring to life an exhibition celebrating artisanal Venetian glassmaking of the Seguso style, which has a heritage spanning over 6 centuries.

“Giampaolo Seguso – The Song of Glass” will be exhibited on the first-floor, at The Box.

“…the caress shows its sure gesture. It’s from there that I set out each day to reach the fire and my roots.”
Con questa Magia, Giampaolo Seguso, 2016


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