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The historical Venetian glass brand opens an exclusive boutique and renews the bond started in the 1950’s, when Flavio Poli designed all of the lighting for this prestigious luxury five star hotel.

Overlooking the water, just a few steps from Piazza San Marco, a lounge of Murano glass opens by Seguso – the historical dynasty active in Murano since 1397 – in the splendid lobby of the Bauer hotel, one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in Venice.

A refined boutique where guests can admire the play of transparency and the craftsmanship of glass that is unique to each Seguso object, but also learn the story through a special invite to the Seguso Experience, an exclusive and multi-sensory visit to the glass furnace, in the heart of the island of Murano. The lounge expresses the versatility of production and the Seguso lifestyle through a selection of items from the collections: Seguso Vetri d’Arte and Seguso Viro, alongside iconic chandeliers rendered in classic and contemporary styles and the exclusive glass furnishings, based on cutting edge technical research and Seguso design.

The lounge weaves together a common thread in line with the history of the hotel: to better understand the timeless appeal of Seguso glass, one just needs to wander through the Bauer, where many areas are illuminated by the extraordinary chandeliers created by Seguso Vetri d’Arte in the 1950’s and today remain an important part of decoration in the hotel. Custom designs by Flavio Poli, creative director of Seguso in the 1950’s, include the grand Rezzonicos that reflect in the reception hall, the precious canopies of tiny flowers that decorate the wide passage leading to the bar, and the delicate sconces in the form of small ships that illuminate the bar and restaurant lounge…

Past and present merge today thanks to the renewed collaboration between Seguso and Francesca Bortolotto Possati, President of the Bauer Hotel and granddaughter of the owner, Bennati. When in 1949 the Bauer opened its doors after the massive renewal desired by Bennati, it had become the most modern and elegant hotel in Venice, also due in part to the atmosphere created by Seguso lighting. Today the bond continues.