Events Experience September 4, 2012 | 0 Comment

On its opening night, the Seguso Experience witnessed great success with many enthusiastic visitors and lines outside of the furnace with eager participants waiting to see the revolutionary way Seguso has reimagined the encounter with a Murano factory.

“The attention we received in these evenings was totally above our expectations, for hours we have seen a steady stream of people who invaded the furnace. We confess that the emotion we felt was very strong equal to that of our audience because we understand that we really achieved our goal: to convey to others the know-how with the hands, the unique capabilities that this island has, and the purity of our art. We opened the doors of the furnace almost defying the rhythms of the island, we asked an extraordinary effort to all our staff who have followed in the project because together we share the pride of belonging to this island and to preserve a great artistic heritage. Our doors will continue to remain open until September 10 at the Biennale but the formula that we have created will surely continue. “