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A new lighting exhibition, Sand and Fire, hosted at Officina 2 Via Savona 33, took place during Milan’s Design Week 2012. An astonishing 15,000 visitors experienced the exhibit, a place touched by the glow of fire, where design, research and innovation blended with wise and ancient gestures, along with contemporary themes and interpretations, always with respect to the antique roots.

Sand and Fire were the ingredients of an art installation that served as a gateway to the magic of Murano glass, a rich path enveloped by majestic light, provided by seven iconic chandeliers of exceptional size and clarity. Suspended at a height that could be touched, they offered a tactile-visual experience that contributed to the authentic atmosphere of the Murano furnace.

Inside, was an unexpected place: The Concept Room, which evoked the creative moment, the intuition of the Maestro that takes shape on the work desk beside the fire where he rapidly traces ideas in white chalk, imaginary and resolute, the ​​breath that gives life to the art of Murano glass.

A meeting space and place of exchange, the Concept Room invited designers and visitors to be inspired by the extraordinary creative potential of material. Black paper and white pencil was available to those who were guided by the simple and pure gestures that are born in the furnace, and drew new stories with Seguso glass. At the end of the exhibit there were more than 2,000 designs created on black paper.

Be Inspired, Leave you Mark was an invitation to leave a “creative sign”, to express an intuition that was posted on The Wall of Inspiration, a collected wall of sketches and design in progress, that with each passing day will grew – insights, ideas and thoughts of light.

Be Inspired, Leave you Mark began Tuesday, April 17 at 5:00 p.m. with a cocktail party of design world VIPS that invited all creativity.

The call to “leave a mark” was addressed in advance and during the show to a select group of internationally renowned architects and designers, who share a passion for Seguso glass. Among the design luminaries that “left their mark,” were Richard Meier, the renowned architect, and Roger Thomas, the former Design Director of Wynn Hotels.